The ultimate guide to men’s wallets

There are many styles of wallets to choose from, but it doesn’t have to be hard with our ultimate guide to men’s wallets.

The wallet is an item that every man owns but only a few get right. Besides being a stylish accessory, it is a key component of every man’s day-to-day to carry bills, coins, men's walletscards and an ID. Despite playing such an important role, many men are unsatisfied with their wallet – whether it’s too bulk, or doesn’t have enough space, it seems finding the perfect wallet can be difficult.

Thankfully it doesn’t have to be an impossible task. Our ultimate guide to men’s wallets will guide you through the various styles of men’s wallets, and help you find one that matches your lifestyle and fits your needs.

Let’s see which are the best wallets for men!

What makes a good wallet?

The first thing that you need to know about men’s wallets are the two basic characteristics that will make it a good one – Functionality & Looks/Design.

When we say functionality and design, we mean that your wallet needs to be practical and fit to your needs while also having a professional and fashionable look, these are very simple rules that anyone can follow.

Don’t get fooled by the popular great looking ones because no matter how cool they seem, they might not be the best option for you. A wallet that is only good looking may not hold enough credit cards for your day-to-day. This is why it is important to balance each characteristic when choosing your perfect wallet.

In general, you want to stay away from both ridiculously big wallets that promise you a lot of space to carry many things and from really small and impractical ones.

The idea is to find the right harmony between functionality and a stylish appearance, so if your current wallet is starting to look old and/or it has become an annoying accessory more than a useful one, it’s time to get a new one.

Types of wallets

There’s a wide wallet variety in stores to choose from but it’s really important that you know more about them so you can get one that fulfills both style and function. Here are some of the most popular ones and some things to take into consideration about them.

Bifold Wallet

The bifold wallet is a classic and timeless design, it’s often made of materials such as Bifold Men's Walletgenuine leather, and now, there are even vegan leather options. These wallets are a safe choice to look good and professional while keeping it practical. They are also an excellent option if you want to have quick and easy access to any of your cards, bills and maybe even coins, and if you’re someone who likes to have a transparent ID pocket, then this wallet will most likely give you that.

When looking for a bifold wallet, be sure to choose one that’s as thin and small as possible, this will allow you to put everything that you need on it without a bulky appearance, just remember to check that the card and cash pockets aren’t too tight because this will probably end up being a massive hassle on a regular basis and even worse if you’re in a hurry.

Bifold wallets are perfect for the man who wants to carry both cash and credit cards, and balances size and storage well. For these reasons, this type of wallet are an infallible option for any man.

Trifold Wallet

Trifold wallets are called this way because of how they fold into thirds; the third extreme of Men's trifold walletthe wallet is folded in and then the opposite side gets folded over it. These are very compact wallets with plenty of space for the guys that are looking for something that lets them carry many cards. The common design of the trifold wallets includes a bill compartment (which may also have a bill divider), ID pocket and as we already mentioned, a large amount of card slots. Because of its design, trifolds tend to be a little bit bulkier than bifolds but it still maintains its small size.

Trifolds excel at credit card storage space at the cost of efficiently holding paper currency. Stuff too many bills into a trifold and it will get bulky quick!

If you have multiple credit cards, from business to personal, and generally carry a light amount of cash, the trifold is a perfect choice.

Slim Wallet

If you’re in search of a super slim wallet that not only looks really good but it also forces Slim wallet for menyou to keep it minimalistic, then the slim wallet is a great alternative. Despite its small size you’ll still be able to find space for some bills and cards. A cool feature of this type of wallet is that compared to the trifold and bifolds, this one will fit really well in your front pocket and in jacket pockets.

Slim wallets are extremely popular, especially with men who carry little to no cash and only a few cards and their ID with them. As a secondary wallet or a primary for the minimalist, the slim wallet is a popular choice.

Phone Case Wallet

Now, if you’re looking for an extreme minimalist option a phone case wallet is probably the phone case walletright answer. These wallets reduce the clutter and unnecessary items on your pocket, one of its downsides is that it doesn’t look as professional as a billfold, but that doesn’t mean there is a lack of nice designs to choose from.

With Apple Pay and Android Pay, our phones are increasingly becoming a replacement for our credit cards. Many men find themselves needing to carry a phone everywhere, but perhaps not as much plastic as before. If that is the case, the phone wallet might be for you.

If you think that the phone wallet is the one for you, we recommend getting a durable and practical one made of good materials, and if you want to protect your cards from information theft, there are wallets with a layer or carbon fiber or metal to block RFID signals so your info is safe at all times.

Money Clip

If you feel like slim and phone wallets are not minimalistic enough, then the money clip is money clip walletthe perfect gear for you. Money clips are a fantastic option for the super minimalists, since they take almost no space they can fit in every pant and jacket pocket; you’ll be able to carry all the bills and cards that you need. There are different money clip options made of steel, leather and other materials that will blend with any business or formal outfit. If you’re a gentleman who often pays with cash and uses only a couple cards this can be a good option, just keep in mind that the safety and lack of storage options are features that can turn this into a not so great long-term choice.


Sports Wallet

As the name says, these wallets are meant to be used for sports situations only; they can minimalistic wallet for sportsalso be good allies for outdoor adventures. Often made of synthetic materials, many sports wallets offer waterproof protection, this is a huge perk to help you keep your belongings safe and dry at all times. These wallets work really well if you’re looking for something to carry around during a bike ride, hike or any sporty activity. The only con is that they are not appropriate for daily use.

Travel Wallet

If you’re someone who’s frequently traveling or you’re just planning to go on vacation you’ll travel wallet for passportdefinitely need to carry other personal documents such as passport and plane tickets, therefore you’ll need more space, that’s when the travel wallet will need to make an appearance. Travel wallets do their job very well when it comes to keeping all your documents and money safe in one place. Just remember that this type of wallet is meant to be used only on travel occasions and never as your primary one.

Some helpful tips

Now that you’ve learned about all the wallet styles for men, it’s time for us to share some tips that will help you become a wallet expert:

  1. Keep it simple

Choosing a simple but aesthetic wallet is the right way to maintain versatility and a good look. Simple wallets will always look appealing with any casual and formal attire.

Remember, no single wallet is going to do everything. For example, you cannot realisticly expect a wallet large enough to carry your passport to also fit reasonable well into your running shorts – not would you want do that.

Instead, focus on what role you want your wallet to serve. Do not be afraid to have multiple wallets for different occasions.

  1. Choose Your Wallet Wisely

It’s important that you analyze the different types of wallets available so you can choose one that will adjust better to your lifestyle. Making a pro and con list to see what works and what doesn’t can be helpful.

  1. Functionality Matters But So Does Materials

Look for a wallet that matches your style, is functional and made of durable and good quality materials. Going for a wallet that meets these 3 characteristics will save you a lot of time and money, you’ll be happy with your choice and the only time you’ll need to get a new wallet will be when the one you own is worn out.

  1. Consider RFID- Blocking Technology

More and more credit cards have contactless payment capabilities. By simply placing your credit card close enough to a card reader the encoded financial information is wireless transmitted for payment.

This is great for convenience, but not so much for security. If you carry many contactless-enabled cards, and are worried about security, an RFID-blocking wallet is for you. These are typically metal wallets of the slim and phone-case variety. They should be clearly advertised as RFID-blocking, as not all slim and phone-case wallets are this type.

  1. Don’t clutter your wallet

Be mindful of the fact that every wallet gets thicker after being filled, so try to select one as slim as possible without losing efficiency and don’t overfill it with cards, receipts and stuff that you’re never going to use.

Do you really need that home improvement store credit card you only use twice a year? What about your pet store perks card that you cannot remember the last time you used? It’s best to ditch these sometimes cards and leave them at home. Your wallet will thank you.

  1. What You Can Do With Coins

Having a few coins on hand are great for the odd parking meter that doesn’t accept credit cards or mobile payment, but don’t try to cram them in your wallet if it doesn’t have a dedicate compartment for them. This is a receipt for ruining your wallet!

Instead keep a few coins in your pocket or your car if you find yourself occasionally needing them.


Picking the perfect wallet can feel daunting, and with so many types we wouldn’t fault you for feeling overwhelmed. But, rest assured, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Just remember, you will not keep your wallet forever and many men have more than one wallet – switching out wallets for the right occasion. It is OK to experiment.

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