The suit, three ways to use it in different situations

At least once in our lives, all men face the ordeal of putting on a suit. While some do it occasionally, many others must put it on routinely. However, the same question always arises: “Am I using it correctly?” Therefore, today we want to dedicate our post to teach you three ways to wear it and wear it successfully. Wait no more and take note of all our considerations!

Ways to wear a suit to get more out of it

While it is true that the ideal would be to have a closet background large enough to have different outfits that could be combined with each other, the reality is that there is a simpler solution to your problem. Did you know that there are several ways to wear a suit? Believe it or not, it is a very versatile set that serves both to create casual and elegant looks. Find out!

First way to wear a suit – Wear the full outfit. Sounds simple, right? Well do not believe it, because not everyone knows how to choose the right suit. The first consideration that you should take into account is related to the functionality you intend to give it. From there, he shuffles different possibilities of fabrics and colors. Of course, without losing sight of the appearance of the sizes.

The navy blue suit is usually the wild card of the public, as it is the alternative that never fails. To complete it, go for a white dress shirt and a brown knitted tie, for example.

Second way to wear a suit – Match only pants. Once you have chosen the right pants, the market offers you many options to combine them. A very common alternative is the use of a sports jacket. However, you can also go for a denim jacket or sweater.

While it is true that these pants are treated with a lot of formality, they fit perfectly with more casual items. In fact, there are those who add them to their looks with sneakers. Don’t relegate them to being employed only in serious coats and ties!

Third way to wear a suit – Just the jacket. We recommend combining it with a checked shirt, for example. As for the bottom, you can go for chinos or jeans, medium gray or a different color. Of course, the quintessential pairing is the light blue pants and the dark blue jacket.

Now that you know other ways to use a suit, we hope you put our advice into practice. You will be the center of attention!