The best diets to lose weight

As all nutritionists insist, the key to a good diet is to be “moderate, varied and balanced.” To lose weight, it is enough to follow a series of guidelines, and prioritize some foods over others, but most mortals also need a specific menu: a well-regulated diet that ensures success.

New miracle diets appear every year, but not all of them are recommended. In general, for a diet to be effective for weight loss, but also safe, it cannot be too strict. Today we tell you that although the ideal is a personalized plan, you can use as a basis and guide, the following diets that are the best for lose weight and be fit.

Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is our recommendation par excellence if you are looking to lose weight without neglecting your health, because using this type of diet rich in fiber and unsaturated fats as a basis, we can achieve great benefits.

In fact, the Mediterranean diet has been associated with less abdominal fat and a lower risk of suffering from metabolic syndrome, so it can not only help us lose weight but also prevent diseases in our body.

If this alternative in which there is no lack of olive oil, fish, legumes, fruits and vegetables is the best option for you to get in shape, take into account the above-mentioned keys to eating the best Mediterranean style.

DASH diet

Although this type of diet was born with the aim of controlling high blood pressure, it is an excellent guide to take care of ourselves and lose weight while protecting health.

As we have said , it is based on a diet low in sodium , rich in fruits and vegetables, skimmed dairy, lean meats and whole grains that, carried out in such a way that the amounts are adequate, can be an excellent option to lose weight.

In addition, it can help us prevent and reverse not only diseases but also the fluid retention that we want to eliminate so much when the heat is present.

Paleo diet

Although we cannot literally reproduce the Paleolithic diet, a diet rich in protein can provide a lot of satiety and help us preserve lean mass, thus contributing to weight loss, as has been studied.

Therefore, we can adapt the paleo diet to today and use this alternative to lose weight and be in shape by eating healthy.

Of course, it will be essential to carry out a good training that accompanies any of the aforementioned diets in order to achieve more and better.

And remember that although it is necessary to adapt each diet to the personal characteristics of each one, these are at our discretion, the best diets to lose weight and be in shape that you can have as a guide and basis for your weight loss plan.



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