The best colors for your shirts in summer

The shirt is an essential garment in any men’s wardrobe. We do not say it, but the obvious. Regardless of whether they are used to make a formal or informal outfit, they are garments that can be used in any situation, including summer. Now that the heat has arrived, we want to give you some considerations regarding the choice of color. Find out which are the best trends for this season!

What are the best colors for summer shirts?

Knowing how to choose the right shirt for any occasion is a vitally important task, especially considering such a determining season as it is summer. There are several reasons why a man may opt for a specific model (pattern, size, collar …). However, today we want to talk to you about color, an element that can turn your look into a complete disaster or an insurmountable success.

Yellow shirts. Summer is full of joy and vitality, what better color to represent these characteristics than yellow? Although the most common is to bet on a more intense hue, the truth is that the duller varieties will be easier to combine. Mustard, for example, is a Trending Topic of the season.

White. White is one of the sure bets of the summer in any wardrobe garment. Along with jeans, shorts, baggy pants. A white shirt fits perfectly into any outfit in this season.

Blue. The song already said it: “this love is blue, like the sea.” Without a doubt, it is the color of summer next to the classic white. Not only does it have a powerful aesthetic value that is consistent with all the elements of this summer season, but it also transmits tranquility, comfort and confidence. As if that were not enough, it is easy to combine. Bet on light tones that remind of crystal clear water or the sky!

Printed shirts, an essential option

We couldn’t forget about them. You go down to the beach with a shirt or a patterned shirt, that’s a fact. They are totally versatile designs with which you can take a relaxing walk along the seashore at the same time that you can use them at dinners or evening events. Not another thing, but the market does not skimp on prints. Do not miss them!

As you can see, colors are very important when it comes to transmitting sensations in your looks. By following our advice, you will get a most summery result without losing sight of comfort and style.