Take care and captivate with your underwear

The underwear is the first garment we wear daily. It is an essential part of our outfit and, when worn directly on the skin, it says a lot about our personality and character.

The men’s lingerie is as important as female and if we care for your appearance can captivate our partner.

Men’s underwear must be, above all, comfortable, functional and of quality. Whether briefs or boxers, loose fitting or tight, men’s briefs can become an irresistible garment of attraction if worn with style and distinction. In these cases, the arch-maid phrase ‘beauty is inside’ makes a lot of sense.

How to choose your underwear successfully

When choosing the underwear with which you can captivate your partner, we propose a series of commandments that guarantee success:

-Do not resort to the tight crotch briefs that became fashionable in the past decade that give you a childlike air. Your partner will appreciate it.

-If you decide to wear boxers, do without striking patterns and colors. The alternative is to fit striped or checked underpants. Thus, a note of color is achieved that does not distract from what is truly important.

-With regard to color, if you opt for plain models, both boxer and brief , look for neutral colors such as white, which is a classic, or black, which always works. Even the red one, which adds a sexy touch to the scene.

-As for models: discard the thong. It is not aesthetic and is usually uncomfortable. Although for tastes, colors.

-The comfort of men’s underwear is largely determined by the quality of the materials with which it is made. The most advisable thing is that it be made of cotton, with some synthetic fiber that helps its elasticity.

-Boxers are the underwear most used by men. Perhaps because they offer the body great freedom of movement because they are loose and airy. Of course, for physical exercise they are not advisable.

-The disadvantages of wearing briefs are several: they cause pressure on the testicles, raise their temperature and consequent sweating, and reduce sperm production.