Styles to keep warm

When temperatures are freezing, common sense tells us that in order not to get cold, it is best to bundle up well. Men can layer up to combat it, and they can do so without losing style.

The winter clothing is prettier than the other stations the year, and we want to offer a few tips with the idea that take gallantly.

Ideas to bundle up with style

-Despite the fact that at this time it seems that dark colors predominate (in line with the weather), nothing could be further from reality. The black, gray or brown palette can be combined with more vibrant hues and play with textures.

-The sheepskin-lined coats and jackets, apart from being very warm and soft to the touch, are ideal for a more casual or informal look, but without losing composure. They can be perfectly combined with jumpers and jeans.

-If you wear a suit, you can accompany it over a wide raincoat or parka to protect yourself from the cold and a scarf nestled around the neck. As well as knitted hat and gloves. They will give you a more elegant and sophisticated air.

-The down jackets are still in fashion. And is that padded garments are always a good recurrent to combat low temperatures. It is a versatile garment, especially in its vest form, since we can combine it with a suit, sweater or shirt underneath.

-You must choose the most suitable garments to get into heat. You have several options of fabrics to choose from: like cotton (allows perspiration), wool (is very hot) or leather (protects from the wind).

-We are talking about the torso, but as much or more important is keeping your feet warm. Choosing a good shoe is very important. It is best to choose a good pair of boots, made of good materials and that do not slip when walking.