Style lessons to learn from Bond suits

Nobody can deny the value of the figure of James Bond not only in the cinema, but in popular culture. More than twenty films endorse him as the most famous secret agent in history. In addition, it is an icon of timeless style that represents elegance above all else. Surely, many times you have dreamed of living the same adventures and even being him. Well, in this post we will teach you the lessons we have learned through her wardrobe. Be more like Agent 007 by taking note!

What are the essential elements in the Bond outfit?

No matter how many actors play it, they all have a common characteristic. Beyond physical features and secret missions: impeccable wardrobe rich in details that represent luxury and exclusivity. We are talking about a mysterious, chivalrous character whose style has transcended the screen.

Although there are elements that have been modified over the years (the width of the lapels, the use of cufflinks), the James Bond wardrobe cannot be without combinations that were already present since the premiere of the first installment in 1962. Being a master of good dress is possible thanks to these considerations:

There is the perfect tie and you must arm yourself with it. Specifically, we are talking about a navy blue piece whose width is 7 centimeters and is made with Italian silk. Ok, you may not be able to get the same one, but you can get a similar one in size, color and texture. From the point of view of the wardrobe directors, these measures enhance the figure of the wearer and the color manages to blend perfectly with any type of jacket. The beginning of a harmonious ensemble!

A suitable shirt. One of the colors that is suitable for all kinds of occasions is blue. Combined with jeans they are very relaxed and with a suit they become a most elegant accessory. If we review the entire filmography of 007, this garment is one of the most recurrent compared to others.

The gray suit must always be present. It does not matter how many decades have passed since the first film or how many actors have circulated in the saga, all have at some point worn a two-piece suit in light gray.

Style begins with the feet. We are used to seeing Agent 007 in all kinds of situations that put his life at risk. However, that never stops you from wearing your signature dress shoes. Those shiny and leather models stand out.


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