Pocket squares that you will want to wear forever

The pocket square is a fashionable accessory. It is ideal to give that point of color to our clothing and give it the personality and style you need.

More and more modern men have the good taste to decorate their pockets with this interesting garment.

Pocket squares are no longer only used on specific and festive occasions, but they have become an accessory that can be used on a daily basis, combining it with our usual clothes.

This element that men today love so much can no longer be missing from our wardrobe.

History of the pocket square

In its origins it was known as Pocketed, it was a simple handkerchief for daily use, kept in the breast pocket to be always at hand. It was a mark of distinction and sobriety.

Nowadays, in addition to its decorative function, it can be used to clean the glasses if we need it, and it also adds a very attractive color.

In recent years we can see a growing and renewed interest in the use of the pocket square on the catwalks, in fashion magazines.

It can be combined both in formal suit jackets, as in jackets, blazers and sport jackets. Also when one decides not to wear a tie, it is a very innovative element and denotes style to the man who wears it. It does not matter if one wears sports pants. The pocket square is also ideal to complete more informal outfits such as jeans and shirts.

This wonderful accessory has seen its rebirth in recent times, and you can choose different patterns, colors, cuts and textures, but surely you will always be right if you include it in your clothing.