Plaid or striped, how to use these shirts correctly

Shirts are really important in any wardrobe. Without a doubt, they are garments that adapt to all kinds of looks and occasions. However, there has always been a debate between striped and checkered designs, as they are very popular with buyers and can have different functions and combinations depending on your purpose. In order not to make any style mistakes, in this post we bring you everything you need to know about them. Get the most out of your clothes with our tips!

How to use the plaid shirt correctly

These types of designs are made for casual looks. However, it is also an option to use them to create more formal outfits. Of course, we recommend sticking to the “business casual” style. That is to say, an informal style formed from the base of the classic suit and tie that allows comfort without losing an iota of elegance.

Another consideration that you should take into account is that the larger the squares, the more informal your shirt will be. However, it is not the only component to give your look informality. If the fabric is flannel, it is definitely not a good choice for office wear.

On the other hand, checkered casual shirts have many advantages, as they are very fashionable and can be combined perfectly with a pair of jeans and casual boots.

If what you are looking for is an office look, as we have told you, opt for a small plaid design. We do not recommend wearing these shirts with a suit, as it is easy to make mistakes. This is why we advise you to wear a sweater and dress pants.

How to use the striped shirt correctly

Many experts will point out that the striped shirt has a sporty essence, since it is intended to be used in casual or semi-formal looks. However, it is currently a valid design for both suits and dress pants. The trick is in the stripes! The thinner they are, the more formal the model will be.

As an advice, we do not recommend purchasing shirts with horizontal stripes. While polo shirts and t-shirts with these lines are ideal for any man, the shirts have a different effect. Not only is it too casual a garment, but it is difficult to wear if you are not thin. In an office look, you can use striped shirts in two ways:

  • With formal pants, oxfords and a vest or sweater. A fully functional look, as it is elegant and casual enough.

Combined with a suit. This alternative causes a sensational effect, being able to execute it with or without a tie. In the case of opting for yes, we advise you to be smooth, like the suit. Finally, remember that the stripes should not be too thick.