Mistakes to avoid in men’s summer wardrobe

The arrival of summer is not only an impressive wave of heat (and what heat!), But a season in which we especially seek relaxation and well-being. However, that is not synonymous with not taking care of our personal image and our clothes. Despite the fact that comfort is our main objective, we cannot ignore sacrileges like sandals with socks. Look that, for example, is increasingly assiduous. Therefore, today we want to show the great mistakes of the summer men’s wardrobe. Don’t join the wave of disasters!

Mistake 1 – Shoes without socks

It is not just a summer mistake, but a common mistake throughout the year. Disowned by fashion experts and protocols, the shoe without socks can occur due to the characteristics of the footwear. However, it is not always recommended. Especially when using materials that promote foot sweat.

Mistake 2 – Shirt unbuttoned to mid-chest

Nor is it a matter of fastening to the last button on the neck (in fact, it is not recommended either), but of not going beyond the third. While the first should always be loose, the second will depend on the model of the shirt. If it is for a formal situation, forget about this alternative. A mistake in the typical Spanish male wardrobe!

Mistake 3 – Pants too short

The ideal pants for summer are those that are slightly above the knee. Although everyone can dress as they please, the truth is that a too brief design in fabric is not a good bet for many occasions. Not to mention, of course, the horror of incorporating these items into the office.

Mistake 4 – Flip Flops in the City

We all agree that flip-flops are comfortable and easy to put on, but more than one forgets that they are in the middle of the center, and not on the beach. Asphalt is quite a different surface than sand. Trust us, we’re doing both your feet and the people who share public transportation with you a favor.

Mistake 5 – Headscarf

Let’s see, it’s as easy as looking at the great icons of classic fashion. The scarf always goes in the head pocket or is tied around the neck, never on the head. The bandana is only advisable with specific knots and in specific situations.

Without a doubt, you are facing the most common disasters that we can see in the men’s wardrobe in summer. However, now that you know our opinion and that of the experts, you have time to eradicate them.


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