Ideal outfit to cope with the summer at the office

Summer has already completely installed itself in our lives. The high temperatures have permeated all the spaces, without even respecting the work area. Although it is true that the suit is always an ideal option to go to work, today we want to talk about more alternatives with which to go comfortable, elegant and fresh to the office. Discover how to get an excellent outfit to attend all these hot days at your post!

Tips to achieve an ideal look in your office

The entry of summer in the office is a stylistic challenge, but that is not a problem for us, since we already know what the best solution is. This season is the time to bet on more relaxed looks, without losing sight of the elegance factor or the formality factor, something that in fashion is known by the term Smart Casual.

This option is ideal when the dress code is no longer the suit, as it happens when summer lands or it is Friday in some companies. You can also use it for special events or at the end of the day, to enjoy an after work. To begin with, the main rule is to respect the jacket and shoes. From there, the trick is to combine the top and bottom parts that we propose.

Tips for the top

Shirt. It is an essential garment in any wardrobe, regardless of whether it is with short or long sleeves. However, we bet on the latter without wearing a tie. Go for a striped design that enhances your figure or a plain design that has some special detail. Don’t forget the light shades!

Poles Without a doubt, they are totally versatile. Unlike the shirt, the polo must be combined with the jacket so that the look is not too casual. Also, bet on light and neutral colors, such as pastel tones.

Tips for the bottom

Tailored trousers. Better known as the suit pants, you can also use it in your Smart Casual look to be combined without a jacket. You have the possibility to opt for slim-cut, ankle-length or straight-cut pants. Obviously, accompanied by a good belt.

Dark jeans. The only way to add jeans to your office outfit is to opt for a model in a dark color and without a washed effect. Make sure they are not too tight or too wide.

Chinese. Unlike the tailored pants, this option must be accompanied by a jacket, as well as a shirt. The best fabric for summer is linen, so don’t hesitate to use it.