Ideal occasions to wear a bow tie

The bow tie is a symbol of elegance, distinction and formality, but also of innovation and modernity. It has gone from being a supplement that was looked at with a magnifying glass in the great events of yesteryear to being used regularly.

Actors like Frank Sinatra, the legendary 007 agent, Edward VIII, Oscar Wilde made use of such an elegant complement in their usual appearances.

The bow tie or bow tie is an element that cannot be missing in a men’s wardrobe. No one will be indifferent to our style if we use it, in addition to enhancing our innate personality and elegance, we will add a new article to our looks.

Ideal occasions to wear a bow tie

The bow tie is intimately linked to formal dress and more formal acts, but today that has changed.

It can be a fun and very youthful accessory if we know how to combine it with more casual and informal looks.

A perfect complement for the elegant and modern man, who does not always wear a tie. Now you can choose the ones that you like the most or adapt to your style, from our fantastic collection; so that every day everyone notices that you are setting your own style.

Choose this ideal accessory for the elegant man and that you can easily combine with your clothing.

For weddings, to go to university, to concerts, dinners with friends, formal events and informal dates, the bow tie is a perfect complement. 

Any date has become a reason to choose the bow tie as an option to include in your clothing.


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