How to wear shoes without socks without dying trying

The good weather is making itself felt, and summer is just around the corner.

High temperatures test men who do not want to lose their elegance, and refuse to wear closed shoes with socks.

This garment is worn less and less at certain times of the year such as spring and summer where it is no longer rare to see a man without this accessory.

Is it possible to wear a closed shoe without wearing socks?

The men’s secret to wearing shoes without socks is not as secret an option as you might think.

It is only necessary to wear a type of invisible sock inside the footwear, to avoid all kinds of discomfort and sweating of the foot that avoids some type of chafing or burning.

It is essential to take into account the quality of the manufacturing and the materials of the invisible socks that are chosen.

Linen is a very pleasant texture in times like summer and spring, and the ideal would be to opt for socks that have this type of material.

Now, it is not so easy to find this type of socks since there are few models in this regard.

Therefore, if we want to use a closed shoe and pretend that we do not use socks, we can choose this option taking into account the parameters that we mentioned before.

What if we carry shoes without socks? It would be compromising, and even dangerous. We are not talking about the typical summer sandals, but about the closed shoes that we can also use in other colder times of the year.

Even so, this practice is also being used today, as it is gaining adherents.

However, the best recommendation is to wear invisible socks that do not exceed the ankle, and that allow the foot to grip our shoe to avoid falls, slips or any type of fortuitous incident.

Discover them, and choose the one that best suits your style.


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