How to know which is the ideal size to choose your belt

You go into a store, you go looking for a belt and you find a suitable model. Everything seems perfect until you don’t know what your size is. Believe it or not, it is a very common question among buyers, who usually look for the similarity with the measurements of their pants. But don’t worry, we will give you the best advice to choose the size of your belt without any doubt. Pay attention and get a sensational look!

What guide to follow to find out your belt size?

We know, you have been one of those who has wanted to buy a belt and, when choosing the size, has compared with that of his pants without knowing that the measurements are totally different.

However, you should know that, as a general rule, size 38-40 for pants resembles size 85 for belt. Therefore, it is enough to follow the scale exponentially to find more or less the model that resembles your waist. Even so, this is only indicative, since everything will depend on your complexion and your tastes when wearing the accessory. Some procedures to achieve this goal are:

From an old belt. Surely that is the first thing you have thought, just take an old model from your closet and measure it. Of course, you have to bear in mind that to know the measurements correctly you must do it from the buckle to the hole in the middle of the belt or where you usually wear it. Although it is not very common, certain manufacturers calculate the sizes without counting the buckle, which is why there may be a variation of a few centimeters.

Other ways to know your belt size

If you don’t have a belt handy, take the meter and measure your waist. Obviously, carry out this activity in the area where you are going to wear the accessory. It is useless if you take a few sizes if you are going to change the position of your clothes later.

The account of the old, homemade but effective. The most Low Cost procedure, in which you do not need a meter or belt. It may seem silly, but the truth is that the belt size can be found by calculating twice the measurements of the pants. That is, if you have a 44, for example, just add 44 + 44. The result is 88, so your approximate size will be 90-95.

As you well know, the belt is an accessory that is usually fastened in the middle and consists of five holes (approximately 2.5 centimeters apart). Regardless of whether you like to wear it tighter or looser, its thing is that it is large. In the first place, because it is more aesthetic and, on the other hand, because it can be shortened that way.