Hair loss – tips for restoring lost hair

Few topics worry men as much as the prospect of a receding hairline, or even going bald entirely. Statistics show that by age 30 one in four men will already be suffering from hair loss.

Numerous factors can accelerate this hair loss such as age, heredity, hormonal balance, physical and mental state, diet, and environment. In the case of men, hormonal and hereditary factors predominate.

One of the main causes is genetic factors, that is, hair loss is a hereditary physical trait that is in the genes: if your father or uncles have little hair, the same thing is most likely to happen with you. Although this problem is more noticeable after the age of 35, it is becoming more frequent at younger ages.

Most of the time, lost hair does not grow back, unless the reason was from undergoing chemotherapy, taking certain medications or suffering from a disease.

Previously men would resort to wearings toupees or performing comb overs – thankfully both of which have fallen out of fashion. Let’s review the current treatment options, and tips for preventing – and in some cases restoring – lost hair.


Cosmetic solutions

Cosmetic solutions are composed of ampoules, vitamins and topical compounds that provide nutrients to the hair follicle are also used, but the level of action is much lower than that achieved by oral (drug) treatment. The idea is to use them in a complementary way to medicines. The use of creams and shampoos has a rather limited and less effective result

Micro transplant

Micro hair transplants are the newest technique to show re-grow lost hair. It consists of extracting the hair follicles one by one from the scalp, which is the only place on the head where they do not fall, or from any other part of the body (chest, abdomen or legs), and then implant them in the points where it has left to leave. After an adaptation period, which ranges from one to three months, a normal and definitive growth will begin to be noticed, with the characteristics of the donor area.
In this type of one-to-one technique, no cuts in the scalp and sutures are required, this procedure is carried out with instruments that do not damage or alter the follicle at the time of extraction, so no surgery is required, no there is pain, there is no scar and the convalescent period does not exist.
Although that is, it is necessary to follow certain cares such as: protecting yourself from the sun during the first three months, waiting two to thirteen weeks to exercise again and using a mild shampoo.
The advantage of this treatment is that the hair implant can be done wherever you want it to be, not only on the head, but also on the eyebrows, beard, sideburns, etc.
Almost all men with problems are candidates for micro-transplantation, except those that do not have a lot of density in the hair, because only your hair is used.

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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is one of the new techniques available to men, and can help re-grow hair by stimulating the scalp to facilitate absorption of the necessary nutrients needed for healthy, strong, hair. Laser therapy has the additional benefit of promoting a better blood circulation to the hair follicles, which further aids the rejuvenation process. Research has shown that laser therapy has a 95% chance of re-growing lost hair, and a 98% chance of halting additional hair loss.


Oral drugs are varied, which inhibits the activity of the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into dihydrosterone, a substance that intervenes in hair loss.

Although there are studies that show that the hair loss process can be stopped, it is also known that it can have secondary reactions, such as a decrease in libido.


In this guide we have reviewed a varient of tips for stopping, and in some cases reversing, male hair loss. While hair loss can be caused by a varient of factors, one thing is universal – halting hair loss is easier than reversing hair loss. Speak with your doctor if you are just now seeing the affects of hair loss – the sooner you start some type of treatment the happier you will be with the results.

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