Guide to know which the ideal underpants are for you

You have been using it since you were a tadpole and, since then, you have gone through thousands and thousands of models. Yes, we are talking about your underwear, the one that protects your intimate area and that you still don’t know how to choose. But do not worry, because you are not the only one in this situation, which is why today we want to talk about what are the possibilities offered by the market and which ones are best suited to each person. Don’t wait any longer and get the ideal briefs for your day to day!

Find out what your ideal underpants are

Although it is true that it is enough to enter any clothing store to find an unlimited supply of underpants, such a variety is of little use if you do not know what is the product you need. Do you really know what the underpants do? Did you know the importance of its fabric? Today all the mysteries will be solved.

As we have commented previously, the main task of the underpants is to protect the intimate area of ​​the man, in addition to supporting the testicles and serving as a warm garment for the cold.

What is the perfect brief for you?

You should know that the temperature of the testicles is lower than that of the human body, which is why they are isolated from the abdomen. Therefore, underpants directly influence a man’s fertility, depending on how tight they are. Therefore, it is always advisable to go for a model that allows greater air circulation. In the market we could highlight the following:

  • It is the tightest type of brief and also the one that exerts the most pressure.
  • It is the most recommended of all, as it is a looser design than the previous one that provides good support.
  • Boxer-slip. As you can imagine, it is a combination of the previous ones and, despite keeping the same shape as the boxers, they are tighter.

Don’t forget the importance of the fabric

The industrial revolution meant a whole change with respect to the materials of manufacture of underpants, which went from wool to cotton. In this way, they became more elastic and without the need for straps to hold on. And it is that already at that moment they understood the importance of the fabric for these garments. We also especially recommend using natural fibers such as cotton. Good quality and comfort assured!

However, the ideal brief will also depend on the use you want to give it and your physiognomy. Regardless of all the above, don’t forget to wear the correct size.