Find the key to success through your closet

Our appearance is undoubtedly one of the pillars of non-verbal communication, since the image we project has great power in relation to the environment. The clothes and accessories you wear every day speak of you. Therefore, beyond the “superficiality label”, the truth is that we have a very useful communication tool that we must know how to use as an ally in the achievement of personal and professional goals.

Why pay attention to the wardrobe?

It seems like a very obvious question, but not everyone will know how to answer it. While it is true that the vast majority would like to wear big brands simply for aesthetic value, not all consider that, depending on the set that is how others will see and treat us. The image conveyed through the wardrobe greatly influences your life and the development of your personal and professional relationships.

The market offers a wide variety of garments, as well as accessories, and all of them have a series of characteristics (textiles, shapes, lines, tones…) that, depending on how they are, are capable of transmitting one thing or another. As we have told you at the beginning, the way you dress provides information about your personality, tastes and social status.

It’s obvious, don’t you think? A shirt with a V-neck does not convey the same feelings as a boat neck or box. For a clearer example, consider the effect of a striped shirt and a plaid shirt. Indeed, two completely different worlds.

For these reasons, it is vitally important to know what the characteristics that you have decided to wear are and which ones are suitable for a specific occasion. In this way, you will transmit your desired image and, therefore, you will be closer to your goals.

Four Basic Considerations for Success

Color. Numerous studies show that the opinion of consumers about products is based between 60% and 90% on this aspect. Without a doubt, it is one of the first appreciations that everyone has when it comes to visualizing a garment and transmitting different ideas: peace, calm, aggressiveness, positivity…

Symmetry. The more symmetrical your look, the more harmony and balance for others. Therefore, you have to consider whether the clothes or accessories you use convey that feeling of your body.

Combination. Starting from the two previous points, a correct coherence between the two will result in a successful combination that the brain will interpret as something positive. Contrast is also an important stimulus. Play with it!

Esthetic. In addition to the style of the garments, more intended for casual or formal looks, you should also consider their care. In this way, you will give an appropriate image in each situation and transmit hygiene.

Last but not least, be true to your essence. Show your true identity through your wardrobe.


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