Discover how Yoga can benefit your health

The Yoga is an ancient practice originating in India that has been proven throughout history that has numerous health benefits.

Sometimes, there is the erroneous perception that it is a spiritual discipline, restricted and limited to the practice of some physical postures, but this is not the case, so the most advisable thing is to know this practice in order to start enjoying the exercises. Benefits that we can obtain with it.

It is not only about performing physical postures, but it is also very useful on the mental plane. It offers a balance in all vital aspects, which means better health in general.

Weight loss, muscle toning, healthier skin, a more relaxed and attentive mind, less muscle discomfort are some of the positive elements that we will notice if we start practicing regularly.

5 benefits of Yoga practice

  1. Physical and mental balance

Health is fundamental in our lives, and encompasses many aspects, but it is especially composed of the physical and mental aspect. If we can maintain a balance between the two, we can have enviable health for a long time.

For this, in addition to taking care of our diet, social life, and work, yoga can help us as a perfect complement between the mental and emotional aspects , according to the World Health Organization.

2 .weight loss

There are postures that promote weight loss, including the practice of Surya Namaskar (“Greetings to the Sun”) and pranayama Kapalbhati (abdominal breathing) are two of the different practices that yoga provides for weight loss.

Even with the passage of time, the practitioners of this discipline discover the benefits of certain kinds of foods, and that also helps to maintain weight control.

  1. Goodbye to contractures

The daily stress can take its toll on us, and our body notices it. Postures and pranayama’s are trusted techniques to relieve stress, which sometimes manifests itself in the form of muscle pain, neck and back contractures, and joint pain.

  1. Inner calm

Beauty is on the inside. It may be a hackneyed phrase, but it is totally true. On many occasions we deal with the physical part only, and not with caring for the soul, with becoming aware that true peace is found within.

If we can silence the whirlwind of thoughts and live in the present, we can be much more relaxed and calm facing our day to day from a calmer perspective.

Along with meditation, yoga is one of the most effective tools for calming a conflicting mind.

  1. Increase energy

During the day we have many tasks to undertake. It can be exhausting to go from one to another, but if we manage to take a few minutes to stretch our body and disconnect our mind, we will regain the energy and freshness to continue with the daily tasks that can sometimes be so demanding.

Yoga helps restore lost energy.

The ideal is to establish a harmony and balance in your life to achieve the complete well-being that you deserve.


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