Celebrity style in spring

The saying goes “spring alters blood” and it sure also affects the wardrobe of celebrities. It is a season where good weather begins to reign, the coats are abandoned and patterned and more colorful garments begin to be worn.

It is time to start showing our anatomy more and doing it in an elegant way through shirts that enhance our figure or accessories and men’s jewelry that distinguish us.

Although it is true that the month of April visits us with some storms and other sunnier days, we have to choose to have clothes for every moment.

Garments that we must not forget

Jeans are items that cannot be missing from our wardrobe. The most classic or worn, tight or wider, the choice is always to the consumer’s taste, but jeans are that infallible garment that is ideal for spring.

One celebrity who wears them in great style is actor Chris Hems worth during this time of year especially. It is common to see him walking around wearing worn jeans and in dark tones.

Printed garments and bright colors

If we have to welcome spring, the best way is to adapt our clothes to this time, what better way than to use lighter and more colorful clothes?

If there is a famous person who knows how to wear the most daring and garish garments with style, that is the actor Eduardo Casanova, the interpreter of the Aide series who gave the audience so many funny moments.

Accessories that set style

The costume jewelry has more and more followers. If before we used to be an exclusive field for women, now we find that modern and current men use it on a daily basis and to attend any event worth its salt.

A famous person who looks like no one else in all kinds of jewelry is Lenny Kravitz, who from the beginning has had no qualms about making jewelry a regular part of his groundbreaking and punchy look.

You already know how celebrities dress in spring, what is your favorite look for these dates?


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