Celebrity Style for fall

Although the weather these days seems more typical of the summer season, autumn has already arrived. There are many new trends among celebrities for this time of year and today we want to tell you about them.

The style of the famous is very varied and we have selected a series of looks so that you can choose the one you prefer if you want to be fashionable this fall.

We discover the style of the famous this fall

Look 1

At this time of year the cold is not so pronounced. The first drops in temperature begin and it is not yet necessary to take the sweaters out of the closet. That is why the raincoat has become an ideal garment since it provides just enough shelter for the temperatures that begin to drop this October.

We can combine it with a multitude of styles as we see in the image: classic suits, jeans…

If you want to look fashionable and with a garment that offers you multiple possibilities, this option is a success.

Look 2

Linen and cotton sweaters are a more than successful option at this time of year. We can combine them with shirts and choose all kinds of colors such as ocher, blue, red…

In addition, a sweater can always give us a formal and more informal appearance depending on the tonality and the rest of the accessories that we want to include in our clothing. Endless possibilities are presented to us with this option.

Look 3

combination of a suit with a dark double- breasted jacket, pleated pants and even jeans can be an alternative to take into account on these dates as we see in the image.

In addition, the choice of wearing a white shirt further enhances the look and figure of the model who wears it.


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