Best bags for men – a guide for the modern man

As you may have seen, at this point in history, fashion does not understand genres. Brands and stylistic icons are no longer based solely on presenting designs or trends, but rather seek to blur the traditional barrier that once labeled garments as masculine or feminine. An example of this is the men’s bag, an accessory that is gaining strength among the public. Find out in our new post why you should add it to your look!

Why is the men’s bag a trend?

Fortunately, the idea that the bag is only a woman’s thing has been left far behind. While it is true that a few years ago it could be considered a myth, today it is an unshakable reality. Computer, keys, mobile and tablet, do you think that all that can fit in your pockets? Besides being practical, they are totally stylish and versatile. If you don’t believe it, wait and see.

Despite the fact that backpacks had been the most popular option in recent years, now the alternatives have multiplied. And it is that the market has realized the possibilities and the value of these articles.

The shoulder bag, the classic cross body bag

At first, this item was used to transport school supplies. However, today we can buy it in different materials and suitable for grown men. In fact, you will not find a better complement to go to work or round off any serious look.  Add to your outfit the shoulder bag that best suits the situation.

The briefcase, an executive accessory

Who does not imagine a man of high office wearing this accessory? Without a doubt, the briefcase is an excellent item to store your laptop and other documents for a meeting, for example. Black is very traditional, while brown maintains that classic and formal touch, bringing a bit of freshness.

The backpack, the must have

Since we were children, we have carried a backpack. This is due to its comfort and practicality, either on the shoulders or hanging from one hand. In addition, it is very versatile, even wearing it with a suit.

No one can deny that the variety of men’s accessories is growing. Hence, it is impossible not to find at least one formula that meets your tastes and needs.

Travel or sports bag, an SUV

These items have a spacious interior ideal for storing everything you need for your trips or sports training. These bags stand out for having very current and modern designs. On the other hand, beyond their versatility, they are very light and easy to carry. An essential accessory in any wardrobe!

The handbag, the most sophisticated proposal

Can you imagine a more elegant and sophisticated accessory to store all your belongings? Ideal for any man, the simplicity and functionality make this article the perfect complement for day to day.

As you have seen, the market bets on these accessories, creating all kinds of designs.


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