A tie, the best gift for Father’s Day

March 19 is a special date, it is Father’s Day, a celebration where the father figure is honored. Reason why giving some detail, as in all kinds of festivities, is a fundamental element. If you still do not have a gift or do not know what to buy, this post gives you the solution with which you will not fail. Get a suitable tie thanks to our advice!

Recommendations for choosing the tie you need

When it’s time to put on the suit, all the details are important. However, there is an essential element to pay more attention to, the tie. Its correct choice will affect the image that we want to project at a certain moment and, although it seems like a simple task, you must take into account a series of considerations, and more if you are thinking about your father. Obviously, it goes without saying that to choose this accessory you must first have a shirt in mind.

The design and the color. The tie always has to be a contrast with the shirt that you are going to put on, at the same time that it is consistent with respect to the tones. For example, it is forbidden to combine both garments if they have the same type of stripes. If your father tends to opt for prints and vice versa, it is best to opt for a plain tie.

Regarding color, it is usually one of the simplest choices. You just have to look for the colors of the shirt and tie to complement each other. Of course, the difference in terms of color intensity in both pieces will help you stand out more. White garments are an exceptional wildcard, as they go well with any hue.

Size does matter. When choosing a specific model, you must take into account its proportion and width. Today, the most widespread trend is not to wear excessively wide ties.  This line is really beneficial for people who do not have broad shoulders and have a rather slim appearance. Thanks to them you will offer a more proportionate and stylized figure.

Otherwise, if your father has broader shoulders, we advise you to forget about thin ties. Choose from a more standard size. The length is also a fact to keep in mind, although the most significant rule is that the chosen model can never exceed the belt.


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