5 tips for a healthy breakfast

Having breakfast is one of the fundamental meals of the day. With breakfast we replenish glucose levels that are the body’s source of energy. The brain feeds on it, but does not store it. If we want to be better, and more concentrated, we will achieve it after a rich and healthy breakfast.

According to some studies, “There may be some truth to the old saying eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a beggar. It is suggested to invest time and good food at breakfast to make the first meal of the day the most important. The secret may lie in the body’s circadian rhythms, which are physical, mental and behavioral changes in the body and can influence the release of hormones and other bodily functions. ”

5 tips for a delicious breakfast

It is essential to nourish yourself in the morning to start the day with energy, and in a healthy way. These tricks will help you to eat in a healthy and natural way, and you will achieve a more productive daily day.

  1. Eat protein.

Foods such as nuts, fruits, and low-fat yogurt are ideal recommendations to start the day well, instead of having a heavy breakfast that includes fried eggs, sausages, and a lot of cold cuts.

We have to prevent ravenous hunger from sunning us, and we eat foods rich in fats and sugars that do not provide us with too many benefits.

  1. Fruit smoothies.

We can be ingenious and original and prepare a delicious smoothie with seasonal fruits, or the ones we like the most. For example: apple and melon, banana and strawberries, orange… a rich variety of fruits that will give us strength and raise our glucose naturally.

  1. Drink dairy.

Dairy products are an important source of calcium, and they also increase glucose, therefore eating those during breakfast will be very positive for obtaining healthy nutrients.

We can drink milk, in addition to different varieties, soy milk, almond milk, oat milk…

We can also include some natural or fresh cheese and a yogurt to strengthen our calcium, and start the daily routine with energy.

  1. Hydrate well.

One of the recommendations that are usually made is to drink water before having breakfast. According to the experts, the intake of water causes a greater diuresis, which favors the elimination of toxins, preventing certain diseases.

Therefore, a glass of water before breakfast is a very favorable healthy habit. Start testing it every morning!

  1. Have breakfast in a calm way.

If we want to start the day in good spirits, we also have to do it attentive to the moment we are developing. Eating breakfast in a healthy way means relaxing, and eating calmly and slowly, without the need to rush. This is applicable to all our meals.

In addition, consuming at least 400 calories is recommended to obtain the necessary strength to face the day.

We not only care about your exterior, but we also want you to be healthy every day so that you can enjoy your life fully. We hope these tips are useful to you, can you think of something else for a delicious breakfast?