5 benefits of meditating every day

Meditation was associated in its beginnings with religious beliefs, but today it is used for therapeutic and relaxation purposes that favor our health due to the benefits that it entails for our body and our mind.

According to some studies, meditation is ideal to reduce our stress index, which is increasing more and more due to the hectic pace of life we ​​lead, and the daily tasks we have to perform. We are very busy doing things, but we leave little time to devote to ourselves.

In today’s article we want to give you guidelines so that you know all the advantages that this practice entails, and how you can start little by little.

5 benefits of meditation

With these steps you will know the reasons why you should encourage yourself to start this practice. These benefits are going to surprise you.

  1. Reduce stress.

Meditation regulates the emotional state. As you acquire this habit, you adopt an attitude more focused on the present of the events that are happening. Therefore, you will not be aware of the past or the future that can generate stress but you will maintain a much more relaxed attitude and living in the present.

  1. Your younger brain.

A UCLA study found that people who practice meditation long term, have “less old” brains. Participants who have meditated for more than 20 years have more gray matter volume. “We expected the difference to be minimal,” said study author Florian Kurth, “however, we observed a wide range of effects of meditation in different areas throughout the brain,” he added.

  1. Improves concentration and attention.

It is a problem that affects millions of people, and not only due to the fact of having a pathology, but because the continuous activity of innumerable tasks that makes us lose our minds. Meditating helps to focus on the present moment and the task we are doing.

A recent study conducted in Canada showed that meditation significantly improves, by over 16%, concentration skills in everyday life.

  1. Regulates blood pressure.

Continuous practice over a period of three months helps create this habit and consequently calms the mind and lowers blood pressure.  The exercises focus and concentration are essential to make breathing more deeply and blood pressure is reduced.

  1. Helps fight insomnia.

On many occasions, being worried makes us unable to fall asleep. Many people suffer from this problem continuously, and meditation has become a very healthy practice to get a good rest on a daily basis.

The meditation is a practice that should start slowly and acquire a habit that will provide multiple benefits. Here we want to take care of you outside and inside, because leading a healthy life is something we want you to achieve.